Food Knowledge

Price volatility, low margins, unyielding competition, displaced and globalized supply and demand, fast-approaching limits to growth, regulatory and political pressures, increasing customer sophistication, changes in eating habits, mature and declining traditional markets, emergence of disruptive technology and concepts, sharp increases of food-related diseases, aging and demographic variation, consolidation and unbalanced power in the distribution chain, uneven commercial barriers between markets, operational inefficiencies and scale advantages, sudden changes in consumer preferences, media noise; the list is long and hard to exhaust.

Nevertheless, to each one of the pitfalls identified, we can explore opportunities to differentiate and gain competitive advantages, innovate in technology and market development, solve real problems for producers and consumers.

At Nutripar – Food Knowledge, we answer the everyday challenges of the context described above. We provide services and trade ingredients to the food industry.

Founded in 2010, Nutripar – Food Knowledge brings to market the full experience of our partners and a vast contact network. We offer a distinct commercial approach: one based on long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships, as opposed to the traditional, transaction-based supplier-client relationship.