Food Knowledge

NUTRIPAR – Food Knowledge stands out as a company specialized in providing services and marketing ingredients for the agri-food industry.

Founded in 2010, NUTRIPAR – Food Knowledge emerges as a reference in offering services and marketing ingredients for the agri-food industry. We distinguish ourselves by introducing decades of consolidated experience into the market, supported by our represented brands and the extensive network of contacts we have cultivated. At the core of our business approach, we promote a unique dynamic focused on building strong partnerships.


To develop and find ingredient solutions for the food industry. To contribute to the strategic and efficient management of companies in the agri-food sector.


To establish trusted relationships in the Iberian market with representation of recognized global brands. To serve customers in the food industry, supporting commercial strategy and business management, project management, and the development of new products and solutions. To develop the business on a basis of economic, environmental, and social sustainability.


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    Commitment to honesty, trust, and transparency.

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    Engaging with people, understanding them, and responding to their real needs.

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    To adapt, listen, and anticipate changes, and to know how to respond in time to survive and gain a competitive advantage.

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    Maintaining a high standard of quality in all activities developed, from products to services, at all stages of the process.

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    Developing new ideas, seeking new solutions, pushing boundaries, having a vision for the future, embracing change, and innovation.

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    Having an active attitude and knowing how to respond to the multiplicity of situations that may arise.

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    Trust, perseverance, and doing one’s best to achieve results through cooperation, collaboration, and healthy competition